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1. A letter is written or printed message that is usually put in an envelope and sent by mail.
2. Letter have variety of purposes such as :
* To give or request news
* To share your feelings
* To thank or appologize
* To renew contact with someone
* To respond to a letter that has been sent to you
* To make arrangment
3. An example of letter
Jl.Surtikanti 10
Denpasar 21o1o


Lucy Mutiara
Jl.Panglima Polim 2
Jakarta 12983

Dear Lucy,
My parents and i are in Bali now. We are staying in Nusa Dua
Beach Hotel. Our room is big and cozy. It is newing the beach.
this is my second visit to Bali is still wonderful. There are
many things to see and to do there. The beaches and temples are
awesame. The ceremonies are also interesting. My mom bought a
beautiful statue and my dad bought a large painting. The painting
is not only beautiful but also very expensive.
I will return to Malang next week. Hope to see again soon.




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