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Contoh Soal Bentuk Letter

Jl.Surikanti 10

Denpasar 21010



Nopember 15,2010


Lucy Mutiara

Jl.Panglima polim 2

Jakarta 12983


Dear Lucy,

My parents and I are in Bali now. We are staying in Nusa Dua Beach hotel. our room is big and cozy. It is newing the beach.

This is my second visit to Bali and Bali still wonderful. There are many thing to see and to do here. The beaches and temples are awesaome. the ceremonies are also interesting.

So far, we  have shopped a lot. I bought some T.shirt and hundreds of wooden accesaries. My mam bought a beautiful ststue and my father bought a large paintin. The paintin is not only beautiful but also very expensive.

I will return to Malang next week hope to see you again soon.



1. Where is Astuti ?

a. InNusa Dua Island.

b. In Samarinda

c. In Jakarta.

d. In Bali.


2. What is the purpose of the text ?

a. To tell Lucy about the hotel.

b. To inform Lucy about Astuti’s plan.

c. To share the joy of Astuti’s birthday.

d. To tell Lucy about Astuti’s activity in Bali.


3. What is so special abaout the hotel ?

a. It has very large swimming pool.

b. It makes Astuti feel home.

c. It is so close to the beach.

d. It has so many rooms.


4. What did Astuti’s mother buy ?

a. Wooden accessories.

b. A painting.

c. A statue.

d. T.shirt.


Dear Sir,

I’m sick of seeing so much rubbish on the roadside. Lastweek,I drove from Woy Woy to Gosford and saw over 200 soft drink cans and 80 bottles on the readside. The recycling and ” Do the right thing ” campaigns obviously  have not worked. Maybe the police should set up “litter” cameras as well as speed cameras to catch motorists who pollute our roads. In South Australia, you pay a deposit of five cents on cans and bottles and this encourages people to return them rather than dump them. New South Wales should introduce this idea immediatly.




5. What progams have been set by the goverment ?

a. The paying deposit of five cents.

b. The collecting of 200 soft drink cans.

c. The recycling and “Do the right Thing” campaigns.

c. The collecting of 200 soft drink cans and 80 bottles.


6. Where does Thompson live ?

a. In the South Wales.

b. In the South Australia.

c. In Gosford.

d. In U.K.


7. What does Thompson suggest ?

a. To have a recycling programme.

b. To pay a depositon cans and bottles.

c. To collect the rubbish from the street.

d. To work out ‘Do the RightThing” campaigns.


8. …to return them rather than dump them.

The boldtyped word has similar meaning to …

a. Throw away.

b. Take out.

c. Come out.

d. Leave alone.


9. From the text we know that Thompson …

a. Wanted to donate something for the city.

b. Was unhappy with the recent situation.

c. Was happy with the recent situation.

d. Hada problem with his car.

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