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Contoh soal advertisment

Advertisment is a picture and / or set of words used to persuade people to buy a product or use  service,  or that gives information about a job that is available atau anda ingin melihat contoh soal advertisment yang lain bisa anda download di  CONTOH SOAL ADVERTISMENT

Mr. and Mrs. Alan P.Leff

have the honour of announcing

the marriage of their daughter

Heather Marie


Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy

Saturday, the sixteen of January

Two thousand and Eight

St. Mary Chathedral

Huntington, Wyoming

1. Who was the groom ?

A. Mr.Alan P.Leff

B. Mrs. Alan P.Leff

C. Heather Marie

D. Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy

2. Who is Mrs. Alan P. Leff  ?

A. Heather Marie’s mother.

B. Heather Marie’s mother in law.

C. Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy’s aunt.

D. Mr.Thomas Josep Abernathy’s mother.

My Choice

Real Crispy Real Delicious

3. What does the text above offer ?

A. Food

B. Drink

C. Furniture

D. Medicine

4. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To entertain the reader.

B. To inform the readers about something.

C. To persuade the reader to buy “My choice “.

D. To give information about something real crispy and real delicious.


Indonesia’s leading company is looking for the right person to fill in the following position :

Executive Secretary (ES)

Requirements :

  • 4 years experience as EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.
  • Female with maximum 33 years old.
  • Min. D3Secretary, preferable, from Tarakanita.
  • Excellent in operating computer software program.
  • Excellent in English both oral and written.

Interest candidate should send application letter and CV within 10 days to :


5. What position is needed ?

A. Tarakanita.

B. Indonesia’s leading company.

C. Executive secretary.

D. Computer programer.

6. The following are the requirements needed, except …

A. Four years experience.

B. Able to speak English fluently.

C. Able to operate computer.

D. Able to type letters for 10 days.

7. Where can you usually find the text ?

A. In a photo album.

B. In a diary.

C. In newspapers.

D. In one’s wallet.

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