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Contoh soal food label

A food label can be found on the back of most food products. This label gives information about the product, and can be useful if one is trying to eat healthy or one need to avoid anything one is allergic too

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1/2 (20 g)

Serving Per Container 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories                         : 370 calories from fat 170

% Daily Value *

Total Fat                       : 15 g                    29%

Saturated Fat              : 12 g                    60%

Cholesterol                  : 15 mg                    5%

Sodium                          : 25 mg                  10%

Total Charbohidrat  : 45 g                       15%

Dietary fiber                :  2 g                          8%

Sugar                               : 33 g

Candy Bar

1. What is the name of the product ?

A. Adam

B. Nutrition Facts

C. Serving Size

D. Candy Bar

2. From the label we know that the product contains …saturated fat

A. high

B. low

C. small

D. little

3. When you want to serve the product, you should split it into …

A. five

B. four

C. three

D. two

4. The product contains … % of the suggested sodium we should consume daily

A. 15

B. 10

C. 7

D. 5

POP 1000


Vitamin Lemon

Healthy and Fresh

Under license by wellness Food Indonesia

In a bottle (140 ml) contains :

Vitamin C                      100 mg

Energy                            65 cal

Protein                              0  g

Fat                                       0  g

Carbohydrate               16 g

Sugar                                  6 g

Natrium                          99 g

Vitamin B 1                   1.0 g

Vitamin E                      2.3 g

Niacin                             2.3 g

5. How much liguis does the POP 1000 contain ?

A. 100 mg

B. 99 g

C. 140 ml

D. 65 cal

6. The following are the vitamins in POP 1000, except …

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B1

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin E

7. From the label we know that POP 1000 does not contain …

A. Carbohidrate

B. Vitamin

C. Protein

D. Energy

8. What is the flavor of the drink ?

A. Lemon

B. Orange

C. Guava

D. Durian

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