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Contoh Soal Try out SMP Bahasa Inggris 2011



     Fierce DOG!

  1. What does the text mean?
  • a.We must care of the dog.
  • b.Dog is a fierce animal.
  • c. People must be fierce at that place.
  • d. The dog can bite you if you disturb him.





2. Where can you find the text above?

a. Over the fly over.

b. In a zebra cross.

c. A long the way.

d. At a junction.

  Dear Tiara,

  Congratulations on your achievement

  in mathematics ! You”re really the best

  keep up the good work !


3. What  is the purpose of the text ?

a. to invite someone.

b. to ask for something.

c. to suggest someone.

d. to congratulate someone.

4. From the text above, we can conclude that ….

a. Tiara likes to do the good work

b. Tiara congratulates Rianti for her best score

c. Tiara gets the highest score in Mathematics

d. Rianti is the cleverest student in Mathematics

Read the following text and answer question no 5 and 6

My dear Yuni,Your little sister has a stomachache so I have to take her to the doctor. If I haven’t come yet don’t forget to do these things

*. The key is at usual place !

*. Lock the door !

*. Your lunch is already served on the table !

*. Have your zuhur !

*. Do your homework !


Love you


5.  Who has a stomachache ?

a. Yuni                                                                              c.  Your sister

b. Mother                                                                      d. Yuni’s sister

6.  How many items does Yuni  have to do ?

a. 3                                                                                    b. 4

c. 5                                                                                    d. 6

  Read the text and answer questions 7 to 8.

Please join us to celebrate Michael`s

12th birthday

Monday, January 5th, 2009.

 At 5 until 7 p.m

Jalan Mawar no. 486 Jakarta

Please come on time

 This is a surprise party


Mr. Hartawan and Wife

7.  What is the purpose of the above text?

a. To announce  birthday party

b. To invite people to Michael`s birthday

c. To Come on time to the party

d. To give surprise for Michael

8. From The text above we know that…

a. Michael is Mr. Hartawan brother

b. Mr. Hartawan is a single parent

c. Mr. and Mrs. Hartawan are Michael`s parents

d. It is a big party for Mr. hartawan and wife

Read the text and answer questions  9 to 11.

SMP MELATI Jakarta`s cup requires all the students from classs VII to IX to join the sport competition: basket ball (male / famale), futsal (male)  and modern & traditional  dance contest. It is done to develop the students` talent and creativity at school.  The programs  will be held  on 23 to 28 of June, 2009. For registration and detail information, please contact Arie (085695243450)  the coordinator of this programs in his office or Neni the assistant of the coordinator( 02199555262).

9.   To whom is the announcement?

a. Stundents of class VII and  IX

b. All students of SMP MELATI

c. The coordinator of the programs

d. The assistant of the coordinator

10. Which one is corect based on the text?

a. The competition will be held for six days

b. The dance contest  is  for  female only

c. The contest is to develop the teachers’ talent

d. The coordinator is the contest is Neni

11. “It is done to develop the students` talent and…”

The underlined word means….

a. go further

b. look for

c. push away

d. make a progress

The following text is for questions no.12 to 14!


POPPIES COTTAGES, Kuta hidden away in a secret garden poppies is after three decades still being discovered by those who wishing to escape the glitz and glamour  of grandiose hotels, while expecting, comfortable clean surrounding, friendly service and balinese  charm.

Phone : ( 0361 ) 751 059

Fax     : ( 0361 ) 752 364

E-mail : Info @ poppiesbali. Com Web    : www. Poppiesbali. com

12. What is the purpose of the text ?

a. To entertain the readers about the Poppies Cotatge in Bali.

b. To remind people to come to the Poppies Cottagein Bali.

c. To inform about the Poppies Cottage in Bali.

d. To advertise the Poppies Cottage

13. Where is Poppies Cottage located in Bali ?

a. In a hiden town

b. In glamourous town

c. in the garden.

d. near glitz hotels.

14. …by those who wishing to escape the glitz and glamour of grandiose hotels,..

What does the underline word means ?

a. luxurious

b. famous

c. expensive

d. beautiful

Read the text and answer questions number 15 to 17



Peptisol is a special nutrition with high protein, easy to absorb to support increasing protein needs.

Protein is required to maintain health, especially during recovery period, to help the process of body’s cell generation.

Peptisol with protein source from caseinates and whey protein concentrate, is appropriate for:

Recovery period from illness, when the risks of metabolic stress increase.

When daily nutritional requirement can not be met from normal food

Nutritional therapy in compromised gastrointestinal function, post-surgical and

also post dialysis feeding.

Directions for use:

Peptisol may be used as a meal substitute or as a sole source of nutrition.

Oral feeding: Peptisol is a complete drink feed offering delicious flavor.

Tube feeding: Follow physician’s instructions.

Consume Peptisol twice daily to meet protein daily requirement.


Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Calcium caseinate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Vegetable Oil, Mineral, and Vitamins

For those suffering from kidney, liver problem,and uric asid, please consult your physician/ nutionist before consuming this product!

(Taken from Peptisol product)

15. What does Peptisol contain ?

a. high protein

b. normal food

c. Meal substitution

d. Nutrition for therapy

16. According to the text, which of the following statement is NOT TRUE?

a. This product can  fulfill the need of protein

b. Peptisol is appropriate for someone who lack of protein.

c. Someone who is post-surgical can consume Peptisol.

d. It is suggested  for those who suffer  from uric acid

17. “ ……to support increasing protein needs.” (line 1). The italic word means…..

a. absorbing

b. adding

c. giving

d. meeting

For question no 18 to 20

Dear Taruna,

Guess what! I’m coming to Indonesia next summer. Isn’t that exciting ? Maybe we can meet somewhere. Is your town in north, south or central Indonesia ? I have some relatives who live  in Bali so I will probably go there first.

I would like some advise from you because I don’t know very much about Indonesia. Remember thi is my first visit. I’d like to see Jakarta, of course, but there are so many beautiful places to visit. Please help me.

What’s the weather usually like in the summer in Indonesia ? Does it rain a lot ?

My brother will accompany me there. If I come to your town, can we go swimming in the sea there, or is it far from the sea ?

Please write to me and answer my questions! I’m very thrilled about coming to Indonesia.

I hope we can meet somewhere. Let me know, Okay ? Bye for now.

Your pen friend,


18. Who sends the letter ?

a. Taruna

B. Brian

c. Brian’s penpal

d. Taruna’s brother.

19. “ I have…I will probably go there first . “

The underlined word refers to…

a. Indonesia

b. Jakarta

c. Australia

d. Bali

20. What is the author talking about in the letter above?

a. To describe the beauty of Indonesia.

b. To entertain the reader about Indonesia.

c. To tell the plan to come to Indonesia.

d. To share the past experience in Indonesia.


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