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Baturaden History

Baturraden be one of [the] mainstay tour object at regency Banyumas, central java. since year 1928, Baturraden known as ridges tour object. visitor can enjoy nature panoramic view panoramic beauty and cool mountainous climate with temperature between 18°c-25°c. in a condition good weather and clear, city scenery Purwokerto, nusakambangan,  and coast cilacap can be seen clearly from top Baturraden.
name Baturraden come from two words (java language), that is batur (hill, soil, friend, assistant) and raden (noble). when mergerred, word “baturraden” can have a meaning: flat soil or beautiful soil. there two stone history versions raden, that is version sheikh maulana maghribi and version kadipaten kutaliman. follow first version, sheikh maulana maghribi, prince rum that come from turkish and a muslim, ever felt angered with mysterious light that rises out to sky and shine at part east. the prince then look for light origin. short story, ascent having taken ste up to atop a mount, the prince see there a buddhism hermit that relies on a tree jambu that send out light light ray to on. this location is known with the title Baturraden. while follow second version, Story Baturraden related to story loves between duke woman child Kutaliman with the assistant that watch over horse.
vast tour object area overall soil Baturraden 16,5 ha, broadly investment tune 4 ha. soil status hpl (management right) local government (local government).

Speciality Baturraden lay in tour object kind miscellaneous on the market. beside principal tour baturraden, at this area also there are a lot of tour location other also interesting to visited, among others:

1. Botany Park. this park prepares decoration plants miscellaneous, plants bongsai,  and scarce plants, like plants havana, god leaf, brimulia, mouse taro, antarium lipstick, palm paris, elephant tongue,  and widoro sea. these plantss price is said enough cheap and can be reached by visitor that want to make it as cinderamata.

2. Curug Big (Curug Gede). this tour object is located in tour village ketenger, the distance approximately 3 km from baturraden. there found a beautiful waterfall.

3. Shower Seven, berjarak 2,5 km from baturraden. this shower is situated 2,5 km from Baturraden. this shower is earth hot water source with temperature 60°-70° c direct flows from hillside slamet pass seven showers.

4. Shower Three. this shower is meresmikan on 18 januaries 1987. this shower channel hot water bersulfur with temperature 40‘c they say can cure skin disease and bone.

5. Wana Tour(Wana Wisata). this tour object is situated 2 km from baturraden. wana tour presents green forest scenery and beautiful. this place is very suited for activity camps and jungle tracking.

6. lonely lake. This lake is located in eastside, berjarak around 3,5 km from baturraden. this lake is said beautiful, clear the water and cold.

7. Park Kaloka Widya field, be zoo all at once as education tour. at this park is found amount of animal that is imported, either from in also abroad, like foot goat three, elephant, monkey beruk, cloister cow, snake sanca, monkey, porcupine, crocodile irian, orangutan,  and deer. at komplek this tour also found scarce fauna museum animal containing likes honey bear, sumatra tiger,  and branch tiger.

beside tour object quite a lot, stone area raden this also coloured with art facilities and culture, that is:

1. Grebeg Syura or earth alms. This ceremony is done on 9 months syura. the aim as refuse army, that is with do activities shaped ruwat earth and ceremonial meal at ancestor cemeteries.

2. Kenthongan, be special music artistry banyumas. This artistry principal tool kenthong shaped bamboo cut that is given hole at the side lengthwaysly. to perfoming it necessary mengentong.

3. Dipper and lengger. dipper is castanets also made from bamboo cut, put according to block,  and perfominged by striken. while lengger dance that perfominged two womans or more and escorted with dipper.

4. Custom Clothes Banyumas. custom clothes banyumas there two kinds, that is clothes for circle wong little (like clothes ancingan, bebed wala, pinjungan, iketan,  and nempean) and clothes for noble circle (beskap for man and nyamping for woman).

5. Ebeg (horse lumping). Ebeg be folk Dance Banyumas with the special characteristic uses braid horse. in the theatre of usually escorted with gamelan that named bendhe.

6. Decoration plants exhibition, like havana, god leaf,  and palm paris.

7. sadranan. ritual this is shaped clean cemetery that continued with programme kenduren. the aim recall soul ancestors.

Baturraden located in half south hillside slamet in height around 640 meters above sea level. this tour object location resides in borthside and about  14 km from city Purwokerto, Regency Banyumas, Province Central Java, Indonesia.

To get the location, visitor can use individual vehicle also general vehicle. from City Purwokerto trip can be goed during 15 minutes. Visitor can use publik transport from  Kebondalem, Purwokerto terminal  to go to Baturaden.

At Lokawisata Baturaden found amount of facilities that can be enjoyed, they are:
1. Swimming Pool (the price only Rp. 1.500,00 for a person)
2. Pool Slides Down (the price only Rp. 1.500,00 for a person)
3. Massage Lulur Sulphur and Bathe hot water (the price only Rp. 15.000,00 for a person)
4. Water Bike (the price only Rp. 1.500,00 for a person)
5. Bathe Hot Water Vip (the price only Rp. 3.000,00, maximal 15 minutes)
6. Bathe my class hot water (the price only Rp. 2.000,00, maximal 15 minutes)
7. Mogen or Car Genjot (the price only Rp. 1.500,00, maximal 15 minutes)
8. Roll Comedy (the price only Rp. 1.500,00, maximal 15 minutes)
9. Small Carriage  (the price only Rp. 2.000,00 for a person)

There are many accomodations and facilities available at tour object Baturraden  :

1. At tour Centre Baturraden there are a lot of house in the country, public building baturraden,  and hotel.

2. At Eastside tour area Baturraden also there are a lot of house in the country and hotel.

3. At Westside tour area Baturraden found:
• Many Hotels.

• Tour Trip Office. Baturraden doesn’t has tour trip office self. They do cooperation with Regency Government Banyumas and give facility amount of office or tour trip agency.

• Amount of Restaurant.

• Building Kertiwana, located in half camp earth area Baturraden. building that design peculiarly slurr with this nature can  accommodate by 500 person.

• Palawi spa Baturraden, as facilities to spa and aromateraphy.

• Lodginghouse (homestay) found at tour village ketenger and provided for.

• Several Lodges or house that rented as resort.

• Several services by tourist guide, the specialist for foreign countries tourist.

• Bight Club.

• Massage parlour and bathe lulur sulphur. this facilities is well-being tour with make use hot water source that contains sulphur degree enough tall.

• Terminal Baturraden. this terminal functioneds as arrival place and vehicle dispatch to tour park baturraden, like general bus, tourism bus,  and individual vehicle.

• Shops Souvenir (cinderamata), peddle amount of goods, like clothes, shoe, sandal, jacket, children toy,  and another accessoriess.

• The parking place is enough.


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