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Bapak ibu yang menghendaki RPP kelas 7


Contoh Soal Try out SMP Bahasa Inggris 2011



     Fierce DOG!

  1. What does the text mean?
  • a.We must care of the dog.
  • b.Dog is a fierce animal.
  • c. People must be fierce at that place.
  • d. The dog can bite you if you disturb him.





2. Where can you find the text above?

a. Over the fly over.

b. In a zebra cross.

c. A long the way.

d. At a junction.

  Dear Tiara,

  Congratulations on your achievement

  in mathematics ! You”re really the best

  keep up the good work !


3. What  is the purpose of the text ?

a. to invite someone.

b. to ask for something.

c. to suggest someone.

d. to congratulate someone.

4. From the text above, we can conclude that ….

a. Tiara likes to do the good work

b. Tiara congratulates Rianti for her best score

c. Tiara gets the highest score in Mathematics

d. Rianti is the cleverest student in Mathematics

Read the following text and answer question no 5 and 6

My dear Yuni,Your little sister has a stomachache so I have to take her to the doctor. If I haven’t come yet don’t forget to do these things

*. The key is at usual place !

*. Lock the door !

*. Your lunch is already served on the table !

*. Have your zuhur !

*. Do your homework !


Love you


5.  Who has a stomachache ?

a. Yuni                                                                              c.  Your sister

b. Mother                                                                      d. Yuni’s sister

6.  How many items does Yuni  have to do ?

a. 3                                                                                    b. 4

c. 5                                                                                    d. 6

  Read the text and answer questions 7 to 8.

Please join us to celebrate Michael`s

12th birthday

Monday, January 5th, 2009.

 At 5 until 7 p.m

Jalan Mawar no. 486 Jakarta

Please come on time

 This is a surprise party


Mr. Hartawan and Wife

7.  What is the purpose of the above text?

a. To announce  birthday party

b. To invite people to Michael`s birthday

c. To Come on time to the party

d. To give surprise for Michael

8. From The text above we know that…

a. Michael is Mr. Hartawan brother

b. Mr. Hartawan is a single parent

c. Mr. and Mrs. Hartawan are Michael`s parents

d. It is a big party for Mr. hartawan and wife

Read the text and answer questions  9 to 11.

SMP MELATI Jakarta`s cup requires all the students from classs VII to IX to join the sport competition: basket ball (male / famale), futsal (male)  and modern & traditional  dance contest. It is done to develop the students` talent and creativity at school.  The programs  will be held  on 23 to 28 of June, 2009. For registration and detail information, please contact Arie (085695243450)  the coordinator of this programs in his office or Neni the assistant of the coordinator( 02199555262).

9.   To whom is the announcement?

a. Stundents of class VII and  IX

b. All students of SMP MELATI

c. The coordinator of the programs

d. The assistant of the coordinator

10. Which one is corect based on the text?

a. The competition will be held for six days

b. The dance contest  is  for  female only

c. The contest is to develop the teachers’ talent

d. The coordinator is the contest is Neni

11. “It is done to develop the students` talent and…”

The underlined word means….

a. go further

b. look for

c. push away

d. make a progress

The following text is for questions no.12 to 14!


POPPIES COTTAGES, Kuta hidden away in a secret garden poppies is after three decades still being discovered by those who wishing to escape the glitz and glamour  of grandiose hotels, while expecting, comfortable clean surrounding, friendly service and balinese  charm.

Phone : ( 0361 ) 751 059

Fax     : ( 0361 ) 752 364

E-mail : Info @ poppiesbali. Com Web    : www. Poppiesbali. com

12. What is the purpose of the text ?

a. To entertain the readers about the Poppies Cotatge in Bali.

b. To remind people to come to the Poppies Cottagein Bali.

c. To inform about the Poppies Cottage in Bali.

d. To advertise the Poppies Cottage

13. Where is Poppies Cottage located in Bali ?

a. In a hiden town

b. In glamourous town

c. in the garden.

d. near glitz hotels.

14. …by those who wishing to escape the glitz and glamour of grandiose hotels,..

What does the underline word means ?

a. luxurious

b. famous

c. expensive

d. beautiful

Read the text and answer questions number 15 to 17



Peptisol is a special nutrition with high protein, easy to absorb to support increasing protein needs.

Protein is required to maintain health, especially during recovery period, to help the process of body’s cell generation.

Peptisol with protein source from caseinates and whey protein concentrate, is appropriate for:

Recovery period from illness, when the risks of metabolic stress increase.

When daily nutritional requirement can not be met from normal food

Nutritional therapy in compromised gastrointestinal function, post-surgical and

also post dialysis feeding.

Directions for use:

Peptisol may be used as a meal substitute or as a sole source of nutrition.

Oral feeding: Peptisol is a complete drink feed offering delicious flavor.

Tube feeding: Follow physician’s instructions.

Consume Peptisol twice daily to meet protein daily requirement.


Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Calcium caseinate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Vegetable Oil, Mineral, and Vitamins

For those suffering from kidney, liver problem,and uric asid, please consult your physician/ nutionist before consuming this product!

(Taken from Peptisol product)

15. What does Peptisol contain ?

a. high protein

b. normal food

c. Meal substitution

d. Nutrition for therapy

16. According to the text, which of the following statement is NOT TRUE?

a. This product can  fulfill the need of protein

b. Peptisol is appropriate for someone who lack of protein.

c. Someone who is post-surgical can consume Peptisol.

d. It is suggested  for those who suffer  from uric acid

17. “ ……to support increasing protein needs.” (line 1). The italic word means…..

a. absorbing

b. adding

c. giving

d. meeting

For question no 18 to 20

Dear Taruna,

Guess what! I’m coming to Indonesia next summer. Isn’t that exciting ? Maybe we can meet somewhere. Is your town in north, south or central Indonesia ? I have some relatives who live  in Bali so I will probably go there first.

I would like some advise from you because I don’t know very much about Indonesia. Remember thi is my first visit. I’d like to see Jakarta, of course, but there are so many beautiful places to visit. Please help me.

What’s the weather usually like in the summer in Indonesia ? Does it rain a lot ?

My brother will accompany me there. If I come to your town, can we go swimming in the sea there, or is it far from the sea ?

Please write to me and answer my questions! I’m very thrilled about coming to Indonesia.

I hope we can meet somewhere. Let me know, Okay ? Bye for now.

Your pen friend,


18. Who sends the letter ?

a. Taruna

B. Brian

c. Brian’s penpal

d. Taruna’s brother.

19. “ I have…I will probably go there first . “

The underlined word refers to…

a. Indonesia

b. Jakarta

c. Australia

d. Bali

20. What is the author talking about in the letter above?

a. To describe the beauty of Indonesia.

b. To entertain the reader about Indonesia.

c. To tell the plan to come to Indonesia.

d. To share the past experience in Indonesia.

Comparison of adjectives

To compare people, places, events or things, when there is no difference, use as + adjective + as:

  • Peter is 24 years old. John is 24 years old. Peter is as old as John.

More examples:

  • Moscow is as cold as St. Petersburg in the winter.
  • Ramona is as happy as Raphael.
  • Einstein is as famous as Darwin.
  • A tiger is as dangerous as a lion.


Difference can also be shown by using not so/as …as:

  • Mont Blanc is not as high as Mount Everest
  • Norway is not as sunny as Thailand
  • A bicycle is not as expensive as a car
  • Arthur is not as intelligent as Albert


To compare the difference between two people, things or events.


  • Mt. Everest is higher than Mt. Blanc.
  • Thailand is sunnier than Norway.
  • A car is more expensive than a bicycle.
  • Albert is more intelligent than Arthur.


‘the’ is placed before the superlative:

For example:

  • He is the richest man in the world.
  • That is the biggest crocodile I have ever seen.
  • She is the tallest girl in her class.


Kegiatan belajar mengajar dari tahun ke tahun mengalami perubahaan yang signifikan baik, silabus,RPP dan perkembangan-perkembangan lainya dan salah satunya  soal tentunya, kita juga harus ikut juga,jangan sampai ada informasi baru kita tidak tahu, apalagi sekarang, 5 tahun yang lalu masih banyak mereka mungkin anda dan juga penulis, masih menggunakan komputer untuk mengerjakan tugas-tugas kita, sekarang dari komputer beralih ke laptop atau tablet dan sejenisnya.karena ada perubahan maka pada kesempatan kali inipun penulis berusaha untuk merubah/ ataupun mengedit soal dan salah satunya ini, penulis berikan PREDIKSI SOAL UN SMP BAHASA INGGRIS 2013siapa tahu dapat bermanfaat bagi anda yang membutuhkan, soal ini dalam format word, silahkan aja anda download dijamin gratis, tak lupa sarannya y, OK BRo !

action 2

investigation group

Soal Try out SMP Bahasa Inggris 2008


Satuan Pendidikan    : Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP)

Mata Pelajaran    : Bahasa Inggris

Hari/Tanggal    : Rabu, 2 April 2008

Waktu    : Pukul 08.00 – 10.00 (120 Menit)


Hitamilah salah satu kotak pada huruf a, b, c, atau d yang Anda anggap benar pada lembar jawaban komputer!

  1. This notice is found on a certain part of a machine. What does it mean?

A. You have to wait for the order if you want to bring the machine out.

B. You may not turn the machine off when there is an order to go out.

C. The machine is placed out side the room so you can not operate it.

D. You can not operate the machine because it doesn’t working.

  2.  The caution means …

A. The computer is supposed to be switched on when you want to install it.

B. You may not start doing installation when the computer is still on.

C. You have to install the computer when it can not be switched off.

D. The computer is broken so you can not switch it on.

Read the message and answer questions 3 and 4.

To: Liz

Sorry honey, I can’t fulfill my promise 2 go with u 2 Jane’s birthday party 2night. I’ve 2 meet Mr. Brown at 07.00 pm. Please, don’t be angry.




Option Back

3. Who will have a birthday party tonight?
A. Mr. Brown.    c. Jane.
B. Ryan.              d. Liz.
4. How is Ryan feeling when he sends the message?
A. Impressed.    c. Relieved.
B. Confused.    d. Guilty.

Read the text and answer questions 5 and 6.

5. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To ask for information.

B. To describe something.

C. To invite someone.

D. To give warning.

6. Which of the following statements is true about the text?

A. The party will be held in the morning.

B. The sender of the invitation is Brian Fontenot.

C. The place of the party is The Fontenot’s house.

D. The party is to celebrate Brian and Jen Fontenot 25th anniversary.

Read the text and answer question 7.

7. The texts belong to ….

A. Invitation.

B. Instruction.

C. Advertisement.

D. Announcement.

Read the text and answer questions 8 to 10.

8. What does William McGuire do?

A. Lecturer.                    c. Real estate agent.

B. College student.    d. Production manager.

9. “… the engagement of their daughter.”

The word “their” in the sentence refers to …

A. Mr. and Mrs. McGuire

B. Mr. and Mrs. George Diaz

C. Lisa Alice and William McGuire

D. The friends of Ms. Diaz and Mr. McGuire

10. “… is currently employed with Leyland and bailey Company.” (line 4)

What is the best meaning of the underlined word?

A. In the future.              C. In the past time.

B. At the old time.        D. At the present time.

Read the text and answer questions 11 to 13.

11. What is the advertisement about?

A. Facial scrub.    C. Skin whitening.

B. Body lotion.      D. Sun block cream.

12. The product may be used only by …

A. Men.        C. Women.

B. Baby.        D. Children.

13. Why should you use the product as directed?

A. To change the process of moisturizing.

B. To prevent your skin from irritation.

C. To protect your body from the heat.

D. To reduce the effect of sunlight.

Read the text and answer questions 14 to 16.

14. When will Fika visit Ratih?

A. Next year.    C. Next Month.

B. Tomorrow.    D. This weekend.

15. What is the relationship between the sender and the receiver of the E-mail?

A. Relatives.        C. Friends.

B. Siblings.           D. Sisters.

16. “I gladly accept your invitation.” (paragraph 1 line 4)

The word “gladly” in the sentence is most similar in meaning to…

A. directly.    C. correctly.

B. happily.    D. properly.

Read the text and answer questions 17 to 19.

17. The text above tells us about job …

A. schedule            C. proposal

B. vacancy            D. agreement

18. Which of the following statements is wrong about the text?

A. The main job to do is to teach.

B. The job location is in Serang.

C. The salary can be negotiated.

D. The job type is freelance.

19. What graduate is required by the company?

A. D2 in English.        C. S1 in Mandarin.

B. S2 in English.         D. D3 in Mandarin

Read the text and answer question 20

20. The chart above shows us the percentage of … which people like from 2004 to 2007.
A. kinds of movie    C. various food
B. type of music       D. fashion style

Read the text and answer questions 21 to 23.

Thunderstorms are one

dangerous of weather

phenomena. Over 40,000

thunderstorms occur

throughout the world each


There are two main types of thunderstorms: ordinary and severe. Ordinary thunderstorms are the common summer storm. It last about one hour. The precipitation associated with them is rain and occasionally is hail. An ordinary thunderstorm cloud can grow up to 12 kilometers high. Severe thunderstorms are really dangerous. They are capable of producing baseball-sized hail, strong winds, intense rain, flash floods and tornadoes. It can last several hours and can grow 18 kilometers high.

21. What is the best title of the text above?

A. Lightning.    C. Earthquake.

B. Tornadoes    D. Thunderstorms.

22. How many hours may ordinary thunderstorms last?

A. 1    C. 3

B. 2    D. 4

23. The following are the effects of severe thunderstorms except …

A. intense rain    C. strong winds

B. flash floods    D. volcano eruption

Read the text and answer questions 24 and 25.

24. The label above is taken from … produced by LG.

A. CD player.    C. Card Reader.

B. DVD-ROM.     D. CD-Re Writer.

25. “Improve the high-speed recording …” (line 4)

The underlined word is similar in meaning to “become …”

A. lower         C. simpler

B. better        D. smaller

For questions 26 to 28 choose the best words to complete the text.

26. …

a.     employ        c. offer

b.     reserve       d. sell

27. …

a.     I        c. you

b.     we    d. they

28. ….

a.     notes        c. materials

b.     teachers    d. computers

For questions 29 to 31 choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined words.

29. ….

a.     Bring.        c. Send.

b.     Take.    d. Put

30. ….

a.     Shape object.        c. Add colors.

b.     Change size.    d. Give sign.

31. ….

a.     Safely.        c. Smoothly.

b.     Wisely.    d. Beautifully.

Read the text and answer questions 32 to 34.

32. The text mainly discusses about …

A. the story about terrible earthquake

B. the writer’s experience with tsunami

C. the steps to avoid danger in your life

D. the description of a beach in Meulaboh

33. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?

A. The writer saw many fish on the sand.

B. The view of the beach was very exciting.

C. The writer liked to see the wave in the sea.

D. Tsunami occurred and destroyed everything.

34. Everybody in the beach was panic because …

A. the sun rose brightly

B. there was an earthquake

C. the beach was very enjoyable.

D. there was amazing view in the sea.

For questions 35 to 37 choose the best words to complete the text.

35. …

a.     join        c. visit

b.     live    d. arrive

36. ….

a.     hers        c. theirs

b.     ours    d. yours

37. ….

a.     satisfied        c. happy

b.     excited    d. angry

Read the text and answer questions 38 to 40.

38.  The distance from Jakarta to Pangandaran is … km.

A. 50    c. 223

B. 80    d. 400

39. Which of the following statements is wrong about the text above?

A. It takes 8 hours from Jakarta to Pangandaran by bus.

B. You can visit a national park with beaches in Pangandaran.

C. The trip to Pangandaran can be done by car, by bus, or by train.

D. The visitors can enjoy the view of Bali Island from Pangandaran.

40. “This is the second beach resort area … ” (paragraph 2 line 4)

The underlined word refers to …

A. Pelabuhan Ratu    C. Yogya

B. Pangandaran         D. Bali

  1. Read the text and answer questions 41 to 43.


    Sometimes abbreviated as ‘puter, a computer is an electronic device that allows you to input data and have it stored, processed, or otherwise manipulated quickly and efficiently.

    There are several types of computers.
    Embedded computer is a commonly used computer with a specific function found in such things as cars, TVs, the VCR, and other home electronics. Personal computer is the most widely used computer today and most likely what you’re using now. Laptop / Portable computer is a small computer that users can easily carry around and work with when on the road or elsewhere. Mainframe or Supercomputer is computer working as a large computer to perform extremely complicated task

    1. Which computer can be carried easily by the users?

      A. Personal computer.

      B. Embedded computer.

      C. Laptop/Portable computer.

      D. Mainframe or Supercomputer.
    2. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

      A. Computer has various types.

      B. Embedded computer is rarely used.

      C. Computer is used to do complicated tasks.

      D. The users prefer to use personal computer.

    3. ” …that allows you to input …” (paragraph 1)
      What does the word “you” in the sentence refer to?

      A. The readers               C. The processor

      B. The programmers    D. The workers

    Read the text and answer questions 44 to 47.

    44. Who stole the magic candle from the old woman?

    A. The wanderer.    C. The genies.

    B. The princess.        D. The devil.
    1. What happened at the castle?
    1. The devil kept the magic candle carefully.
    2. The wanderer took the magic candle from the devil.
    3. The devil helped the wanderer to find the magic candle.
    4. The wanderer borrowed the magic candle from the devil.
    1. The princess was angry with the wanderer because …

      a. the wanderer fell in love with her

      b. she finally knew the wanderer’s bad attitude

      c. the wanderer prohibited her to stay in the palace

      d. she wanted to visit the old woman at the old hut

    2. What moral value can we get from the story above?
      1. It is about love and sacrifice.
      2. It teaches us to ignore others’ problem.
      3. It reminds us that the wealth is everything.
      1. It reminds us that the greed can not bring the happiness.

    Read the text and answer questions 48 to 50.

    1. The scouts set their tents up .…

    a.     on the mountain    c. in the garden

    b.     beside the road    d. in the valley

    1. When did the scouts begin their fun camping programs?

      a. At night.    c. In the morning.

      b. In the evening.    d. In the afternoon.

    2. “… and some others cooked their lunch.” (paragraph 3 line 3)

    What does the underlined phrase refer to?

    a.     The teachers.    c. The boy scouts.

    b.     The girl scouts.    d. The leader of scouts.

Contoh Soal Short functional Text















Contoh soal hasil workshop SMP Bahasa Inggris





Mata Pelajaran    : Bahasa Inggris             Alokasi Waktu        : …………………….

Kurikulum    : KTSP                     Jumlah Soal        : 50 Soal

Read the text to answer number 1,2,3

1. From the caution above we can conclude that … .

A. cleaning condenser before disconnected from power supply

B. cleaning condenser after disconnected from power supply

C. cleaning condenser at least once a month

D. cleaning condenser at least weekly

2. What is the purpose of the caution above ?

A. To prohibit the visitors to give food to the animals.

B. To remind the visitors to be careful with the animals.

C. To tell the visitors to get away from the animals.

D. To permit the visitors to feed the animals.

Read the text to answer number 3 and 4

3. Who has just passed away?

A. Andy’s and Andrew’s father

B. Andi’s father

C. Andrew’s friend

D. Writer’s father

4. How does Tony feel as soon as he has got the news?

A. sad

B. confused

C. sympatatic

D. busy

Read the text to answer number 5,6

5. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To invite someone

B. To get information

C. To make proud

D. To congratulate someone

6. From the text we can conclude that Rina is Mr. Setyo and Mrs. Setyo’s… A. daughter

B. niece

C. nephew

D. sister

Read the text to answer number 7, 8

7. The party will be held in … house.

A. Anita’s

B. Jony’s

C. Inneke’s

D. my sister’s

8. How long does the party hold?

A. 2 hours

B. 3 hours

C. 4 hours

D. 5 hours

Read the text to answer number 9,10

9. The purpose of writing the announcement is to . . . .

A. invite all OSIS board members to have a meeting

B. prepare the story telling and speech contest

C. ask all OSIS board members to come on time on every meeting

D. describe the committee of competition

10. The OSIS board members will … on the meeting.

A. compete for all OSIS board members

B. form a committee of the contest

C. study together at the Library

D. practice story telling

11. It is very important not to miss the meeting. The underlined phrase means to . . . .

A. stand

B. lose

C. hold

D. come

Read the text to answer number 12,13,14

Choose a beautiful gift from the stunning designer diamond

Jewellery Collections by Vivienne Westood, Jasper Conran, Bruce Oldfield and Versace

At Cool Diamonds Europe’s largest on-line jewelers. With over 5 million hits each month

this website has revolutionized the way we buy diamonds.

The bespoke service also offer a 30–day money-back guarantee.

View in 3D online, or by appointment at 16 Greville Street, EGIN8SQ

020 7045 5322 www,cooldiamonds,com

12. These statement are in the texs, exceptly. …..

A. Vivienne Westwood is a diamond jewellery designer

B. The cool Diamonds website has revolutionized the way to buy diamonds

C. Jasper Conran is a stunning diamond jewellery designer

D. We can’t buy the diamonds jewellery on-line

13. ” Choose a beautiful gift from the stunning designer diamond jewellery ”

What is the meaning of the underlined word ?

A. Very surprising

B. Very challenging

C. Very annoying

D. Very impressing

14. What is the advertisement about ?

A. To describe the collection diamond

B. To tell the people how to get the diamond

C. To show the diamond to the people

D. To get the diamond from the designer

Read the text to answer number 15,16,17

15. When would it be better to consume the milk calcium?

A. Before April 27th, 2010

B. After April 27th, 2010

C. During April 4th, 2010

D. On April 4th, 2010

16. “Daily value has not been established.

What is the meaning of the underlined word above?

A. Ordered

B. Created

C. Carried

        D. Helped

17. The Label is telling us about … of dietary supplement.

A. The information

B. The usage

C. The materials

D. The benefits

Read the text to answer number 18,19,20

18. What does the text tell us about?

A. Retell the writer experience

B. Describe about chocolate

C. Inform about chocolate

D. Express thank

19. What did Mala give to Nisa?

A. a box of chocolate

B. a bar of chocolate

C. a box of candy

D. an empty box

20. “what kind of you to send me a box of chocolate”

What does the underlined word refer to?

A. Nisa’s husband

B. Naila

C. Mala

D. Nisa

Read the text and answer questions 21-24


Safari Park or Taman Safari is quite a unique zoo. It lies about 90 kilometers from Jakarta. It lies in Cisarua, Bogor, about two kilometers from Puncak.

This zoo reminds us of similar parks in Kenya, Africa. Although it is not as the one in Kenya, we can still enjoy the park which is about one hundred hectars. In conventional zoos, the animals are in cages, but in the Safari park visitors are in ‘cages’, they are not allowed to get off the cars or buses. The animals wander freely. Visitors who don’t have cars can use the touring buses available at the park.

Although the animals wander freely, there are grouped into certain blocks. The first is of wild animals, like tigers, and lions. The second block is for big animals like elephants, rhinoceros, nile horses, zebras, and giraffes. The next block is of primates, like orang utans, and gorillas.

Then we can see many kinds of sheep and deer. In the last block we can see bears, ostrichs and lhamas. Each animal roams freely in their blocks. The other blocks are like in conventional zoos; the animals are in cages. The animals that are in cages are like white tigers – a rare species from India – several kinds of monkeys, birds, and crocodiles. There are also some tame animals like monkey, bears, and baby tigers. Visitors can take pictures together with them.

This park is provided with a play ground. In this area visitors can enjoy a circus show, and souvenirs shops. They can also enjoy a small but beautiful waterfall.

Safari park is not only a recreational park but also a research park. The park has succeeded in developing some species especially the rare ones, like white tigers, giraffes and nile horses. Safari park is indeed a national asset.

21. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?

A. The function of the park

B. The parks in Kenya

C. The facilities in the park

D. The grouping of the animals

22. In Taman Safari recreational area, visitors can ….

A. enjoy circus show

B. develop rare species

C. play with lions

D. see some flower gardens

23. “Safari Park or Taman Safari is a quite unique zoo”.

What does the underlined word mean?

A. Interesting

B. Attractive

C. Thrilling

D. Special

24. In the zoo, the visitors are forbidden to ….

A. view the animal

B. feed the animal

C. go by buses or cars

D. go outside of their transportation

Read the text to answer number 25-28

Amelia’s house is a quiet place. It was a hilly village. The garden of her house was very beautiful. Flower with various colors grew there. One day Amelia closed her book. She felt tired after studying hard. She stood by the window. She could see the mountain from there. It was beautiful.

“How beautiful. How wonderful if I could reach the top of the mountain without climbing.”

“If you want to fly up there, follow me,” said a soft voice. Amelia was surprised.

“Who are you? Why did you come in without permission?”

“My name is Yuli. My home is a bit far from here. I want to be your friend, Amelia,” said the girl.

“You know my name,” said Amelia.

“I often hear your mother calling you,” Yuli answered. She reached out her hand to Amelia. Amelia shook Yuli’s hand.

“Why is your hand so cold? Are you ill? asked Amelia, worried.

“I haven’t been in school for few days,” said Yuli.

“If you were sick, why aren’t you in bed now? asked Amelia.

“The fresh air will make me better, Amelia,” said Yuli pulled Amelia’s hand. She wanted Amelia to follow her.

“Oh, no. I cannot go now. I must do my homework,” said Amelia.

“Okay. How about tomorrow?” asked Yuli

“Okay. Tomorrow, my mother will make some delicious cake for me, You must tasted some,” said Amelia.

“Thanks, Amelia. You are so kind,” Yuli waved to Amelia and then she was gone. Amelia’s mother was puzzled to see her daughter talking alone.

25. How was Amelia after studying hard?

A. Sick

B. Tired

C. Puzzled

D. Beautiful

26. How many people are there in the text?

A. five

B. four

C. three

D. two

27. The purpose of the text is to ….

A. describe Amelia

B. tell experience

C. describe the mountain

D. entertain the reader

28. What is the moral value of the text? We should be …to everyone

A. polite

B. patient

C. jealous

D. helpful

Read the text and answer questions 29 – 32

It was Sunday morning December 26th 2004. The day I would never forget forever. We went to the beach in Meulaboh, Aceh. Many people were there when I arrived.

When we were enjoying the beautiful sunrise, suddenly we were shocked by a violent shake in the ground. Everybody in the beach was panic. We soon realized that it very big earthquake although it struck in a very short period of time.

After that, we saw that water going on into the middle of the sea. No wonder if there were many kinds of fish left behind on the sand. We all seemed to be astonished by the view until realized that there was a huge wave coming towards us and destroying everything in its way.

I didn’t realize that had happened until I found myself hanging on a branch of a tree.

29. Everybody in the beach was panic because ….

A. the sun rise brightly

B. there was an earthquake

C. the beach was very enjoyable

D. there was an amazing view in the sea

30. What is the writer’s impression about the disaster ?

A. He felt stress

B. He was enjoying his trip

C. He got unforgettable experience

D. He got many fish on the sand

31. “We all seemed to be astonished by ….”

A. The underlined words has the same meaning with ….

A. amazed

B. panicked

C. delighted

D. pleased

32. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To give a report

B. To explain about the earth quake

C. To entertain the readers

D. To tell past event

Read the text to answer number 33-36

33. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. Describing a kind of game.

B. Telling the way to play a game.

C. Informing a children game.

D. Giving entertainment to reader.

34. What do you do after making a toast

A. Opening the board.

B. Moving the Ladder.

C. Killing the snake.

D. Throwing the dice.

35. What does ” dice ” in the text mean ?

A. Small cube with dots on each side.

B. Big cubes with picture on it.

C. Small box with spots.

D. Big box withcarving on it.

36. How many things do you need to play it ?

a. Two

b. Three.

c. Four.

d. five.

Read the text to answer number 37-40


A bank is a financial institution that that provide banking and other financial services. It is an institution that holds a banking license.

The word bank derived from Italian banca. This word derived from german and means bench. Typically, a bank generates profit from transaction fees on financial services or the interest from a loan. The type of services offered by a bank depends on the type of bank and the country. However, bank services usually include lending out money to companies and individuals, issuing checking and saving accounts, chasing check, facilitating money transactions such as wire transfer, issuing credit card, ATM, debit card and also storing valuable things in save deposit boxes.

37. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

a. Bank services include lending out money to companies and individuals.

b. Bank generates profit from transaction fees.

c. The word bank derived from Italian banca.

d. Companies can also storing valuable things in deposit boxes.

38. Where do the people store their valuable things?


B. Credit card

C. Deposit boxes

D. Debit card

39. Bank generates profit from transaction fees n financial services or the interest from a loan.

The word “generate” in the sentences is similar in meaning to ….

A. Keep

B. Protect

C. Develop

D. Save

40. What does the word “it” in the sentence refer to? (par.1)

A. Bank.

B. License

C. Institution

D. Financial

41. Fill the blank with suitable word!

The students were … football in the school yard, when their teacher came late.

A. Play

B. Played

C. Player

D. Playing

Fill the blank with suitable word!

42. A. next day

B. next week

C. next month

D. next year

43. A. is

B. or

C. and

D. but

44. Fill the blank with suitable word!

There are two pencil case … the table.

A. within

B. with

C. on

D. to

Read the text to answer number 45,46

Fill the blank with the suitable word

The mouse and the lion

Once upon a time, there was a mouse in the jungle. The mouse was … (44) fast. Unfortunately it fell right on the nose of lion.

“I beg your sorry. I will help you someday,” said the mouse. The lion said, ” I don’t think so, I will not need help from a weak animal like you.”

One day the lion …(45) trapped in the net of hunters. It was roaming angrily. The mouse heard it. It came to the lion and helped the lion to get free from the net. Started that day, lion and mouse are friends.

45. A. Ran

B. Run

C. Runs

D. Running

46. A. Was

B. Were

C. Wasn’t

D. Weren’t

47. Which one is the meaningful arrangement of the following jumbled words?

        forboughtmyafathernewbirthday melaptop

     1                2                3   4             5          6               7               8             9

A. 5 – 2 – 8 – 4 – 6 – 9 – 1 – 3 – 7

B. 3 – 7 – 5 – 2 – 8 – 9 – 1 – 4 – 6

C. 5 – 2 – 9 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 7

D. 3 – 7 – 5 – 4 – 8 – 9 – 6 – 1 – 2

48. Which one is the best arrangement of the following jumble word?

Borobudur templelast holidaywent and I classmatesmy to

1                                  2                      3                 4         5       6           7                   8     9

A. 3 – 8 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 2 – 1

B. 3 – 8 – 7 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 6 – 1 – 2

C. 3 – 8 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 2 – 1

D. 3 – 8 – 7 – 5 – 6 – 4 – 9 – 1 – 2

49. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences below?

  1. They like to eat leaves very much.
  2. They live and sleep on trees.
  3. They are from Australia.
  4. Koala bears are mammals.
  5. They can climb very well.
  6. 4 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 3
  7. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 5
  8. 4 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 3
  9. 4 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 1

50. Which one is the best arrangement of the paragraph below?

1. He wanted to be an actor since he we five years old. Now he has become a famous actor. He said, “I want to continue to act. But also want to be the director or the writer.

2. As an English boy, Daniel loves football. He is a fan of Fulham football club. He also likes to watch wrestling and formula one racing.

3. Daniel Radcliffe was born on July, 1989 in London. He is the only child in the family. He has become very famous after his role as the young and cute wizard Harry Potter.

4. Music ? He is a big fan, too. But he prefers punk rock.

5. Daniel goes to an all boy school. It means there is no girl at all there. He loves to play pranks on his friends.

A. 3 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 4

B. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 5

C. 3 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 4

D. 3 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 2

Contoh soal advertisment

Advertisment is a picture and / or set of words used to persuade people to buy a product or use  service,  or that gives information about a job that is available atau anda ingin melihat contoh soal advertisment yang lain bisa anda download di  CONTOH SOAL ADVERTISMENT

Mr. and Mrs. Alan P.Leff

have the honour of announcing

the marriage of their daughter

Heather Marie


Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy

Saturday, the sixteen of January

Two thousand and Eight

St. Mary Chathedral

Huntington, Wyoming

1. Who was the groom ?

A. Mr.Alan P.Leff

B. Mrs. Alan P.Leff

C. Heather Marie

D. Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy

2. Who is Mrs. Alan P. Leff  ?

A. Heather Marie’s mother.

B. Heather Marie’s mother in law.

C. Mr.Thomas Joseph Abernathy’s aunt.

D. Mr.Thomas Josep Abernathy’s mother.

My Choice

Real Crispy Real Delicious

3. What does the text above offer ?

A. Food

B. Drink

C. Furniture

D. Medicine

4. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To entertain the reader.

B. To inform the readers about something.

C. To persuade the reader to buy “My choice “.

D. To give information about something real crispy and real delicious.


Indonesia’s leading company is looking for the right person to fill in the following position :

Executive Secretary (ES)

Requirements :

  • 4 years experience as EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.
  • Female with maximum 33 years old.
  • Min. D3Secretary, preferable, from Tarakanita.
  • Excellent in operating computer software program.
  • Excellent in English both oral and written.

Interest candidate should send application letter and CV within 10 days to :


5. What position is needed ?

A. Tarakanita.

B. Indonesia’s leading company.

C. Executive secretary.

D. Computer programer.

6. The following are the requirements needed, except …

A. Four years experience.

B. Able to speak English fluently.

C. Able to operate computer.

D. Able to type letters for 10 days.

7. Where can you usually find the text ?

A. In a photo album.

B. In a diary.

C. In newspapers.

D. In one’s wallet.

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Contoh soal food label

A food label can be found on the back of most food products. This label gives information about the product, and can be useful if one is trying to eat healthy or one need to avoid anything one is allergic too

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1/2 (20 g)

Serving Per Container 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories                         : 370 calories from fat 170

% Daily Value *

Total Fat                       : 15 g                    29%

Saturated Fat              : 12 g                    60%

Cholesterol                  : 15 mg                    5%

Sodium                          : 25 mg                  10%

Total Charbohidrat  : 45 g                       15%

Dietary fiber                :  2 g                          8%

Sugar                               : 33 g

Candy Bar

1. What is the name of the product ?

A. Adam

B. Nutrition Facts

C. Serving Size

D. Candy Bar

2. From the label we know that the product contains …saturated fat

A. high

B. low

C. small

D. little

3. When you want to serve the product, you should split it into …

A. five

B. four

C. three

D. two

4. The product contains … % of the suggested sodium we should consume daily

A. 15

B. 10

C. 7

D. 5

POP 1000


Vitamin Lemon

Healthy and Fresh

Under license by wellness Food Indonesia

In a bottle (140 ml) contains :

Vitamin C                      100 mg

Energy                            65 cal

Protein                              0  g

Fat                                       0  g

Carbohydrate               16 g

Sugar                                  6 g

Natrium                          99 g

Vitamin B 1                   1.0 g

Vitamin E                      2.3 g

Niacin                             2.3 g

5. How much liguis does the POP 1000 contain ?

A. 100 mg

B. 99 g

C. 140 ml

D. 65 cal

6. The following are the vitamins in POP 1000, except …

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B1

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin E

7. From the label we know that POP 1000 does not contain …

A. Carbohidrate

B. Vitamin

C. Protein

D. Energy

8. What is the flavor of the drink ?

A. Lemon

B. Orange

C. Guava

D. Durian

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Contoh soal Announcement

Announcement is animportant or official statement that informs people about something

All students must join the class meeting from 15th December to 21st Desember2008



1. What kind of the text is it ?

A. A letter

B. A label

C. A postcard

D. An announcement

Answer : D

2. what is the text about ?

A. The class meeting in a school.

B. The winner of the class meeting.

C. An invitation t o join a class meeting.

D. The plan of having a class meeting.

Answer : C

To : All students and teachers

Come and visit our new librabry. Lots of new books (brand new novels and non-fiction books) are available. You can also enjoy our newest DVDs collection.

Head of library


3. What are the things offered in the new library ?

A. Books and DVDs.

B. Old and new books.

C. New books and novels.

D. New DVDs and non-fiction books.

Answer : C

4. Why does the writer make the announcement ?

A. To resume a new novel.

B. To invite the reader to visit the library.

C. To let the reader know about the head of library.

D. To help the reader know where to find the DVDs.

Answer : B

5. Who make the announcement ?

A. Ramadhan

B. All students

C. All teachers

D. The librarian

Answer : A


English Conversation Club (SCC)

is opening registration for new members

join us and improve your English!

Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall

For registration, please contact

Wayan (VIIA)

Anissa (VIIB)

6. When do the members have meeting ?

A. In the morning.

B. On Thursday afternoon.

C. On Thursday morning.

D. In the afternoon at three o’clock.

Answer : B

7. Where do they have the meeting ?

A. In the ECC’s meeting room.

B. In the VIIA classroom.

C. At the school hall.

D. At the cafetaria.

Answer : C

8. How long does the meeting last ?

A. One and a half hours.

B. One hour.

C. One and a quarter hours.

D. Two hours.

Answer : A


This is a new school year and there are many new students arround. Please be friendly and help them understand the rules of our school.


9. Where can you find the text ?

A. At a school.

B. At a bookstore.

C. At a bank.

D. At a park.

Answer : A

10. Why does the principal make the announcement ?

A. To ask the students to nice and helpful to the new comers.

B. To let the students know that they have their junior.

C. To ask the students to contact their parents.

D. To inform about the new school year.

Answer : D

11. Who do you think reads the announcement ?

A. New students.

B. Senior students.

C. Parents.

D. Teachers.

Answer : A

12. ” Please be friendly….” . What is the meaning of the underlined word ?

A. Disturbing

B. Interesting

C. Welcoming

D. Attracting

Answer : C


There will be a holiday camp next month. All scout must join this camp. The activity will take place at Bangunharjo camping sie and last for three days.

for further information, please contact Mr. Arkan.

                                                                                                 Banyumas, May 12th,2009

                                                                                            The Chief of Scout Organization

13.When will the activity be held ?

A. In May

B. In June

C. In July

D. In August

Answer : A

14. If the camp starts in June 5th, when will it end ?

A. June 6th.

B. June 7th.

C. May 12th.

D. May 25th.

Answer : B

15. Who must join the activity ?

A. All students

B. All scouts

C. All chiefs

D. All Banyumas people

Answer : B

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