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Contoh Soal Latihan UAS SMP Bahasa Inggris

Choose the correct answer by crossing A,B,C, or D based on the question given.

1. What is the caution about?

A.  The volcanoes and their effects.

B. The danger of volcanic fumes area.

C. The women and their children’s health.
D. The pregnant visitors of the mountain.
Dear Rina, 

Congratulations on your winning the singing contest.We are very proud of you.

Uncle and Aunt Sety

  1. What is the purpose of  the beside text  ?
  2. To  invite someone
  3. B. To get information
  4. To make proud
  5. To congratulate someone

Read the text and answer questions 3 to 5

My Rush Time as a Journalist

I usually woke up at eight o’clock a.m. and went to the Press Center to check the daily schedule of briefings and press conferences. It was usually held by the United Nation officials or disaster mitigation team.

It was challenging to visit different refugee camps to find soft stories, human interest stories. After that I went back to the Press Center to cover the press conferences of the day.

It was heart breaking when I saw these survivors fight for food and secondhand clothing. Unfortunately as they said, the food and clothing were limited and inadequate. Emerging to glaring, fool noon, it was time to go back to Press Center to write stories and race against time. I was always fearing that the internet would come crushing down.

After everything was done, only then I remembered to eat. Most times, I only ate once a day because I always had to rush and again it was difficult to find food. I had to travel quite far. I needed to spend a 30 to 45 minutes by car just to find fresh food.

3. What did the writer do before went back to the Press Center to cover the press conferences of the day?
A. Remembered to eat
B. Saw the survivor fight for food
C. Check the daily schedule of briefings and press conferences
D. Challenging to visit different refugee camps to find soft stories
4. What is the main idea of the third paragraph ?
A. The heart breaking
B. The food and clothing
C. The internet would come crushing down
D. The writer has to rush and again it was difficult to find food
5. What time did the writer get up every morning ?
A. 07.30 a.m
B. 08.00 a.m
C. 08.30 am
D. 09.00 a.m

Read the text and answer questions 6 to 10

Restaurant Growth Flat in 2008

January 20,2009

While reading the latest Recount,a study of restaurant growth published by

the NPD Group . I could not help but hear the theme song from the old television show ” The Facts of Life “ playing in the back of my head. The song begins “ You take the good. You take the bad.

You take them both and  there you have the facts of life “. Such was the case in the area of Restaurant growth for 2008. NPD report no growth in restaurant units due to the fact that the Number of restaurants opening was balanced out by the number of restaurant closing. A

Census of commercial restaurant locations in the United States conducted in the spring and Fall each year, NPD’s Recount shows restaurant industry unit count flat in 2008, compared to 2-persent growth in 2007.

Leds by those chains with more than 500 units, the large and mid-sized multi-unit Operators reported a 1 – percent increase in the number of units, smaller chains, those with 3 to 49 units,  and independent unit declined, according to NPD’s research. I addition,the Family-dining segment is contracting across all system types while the QSR segment continued To add units though at a much shower rate. The fine-dining segment saw the sharpest decline In units,led by independents.

Fine-dining chains,which represent a small portion of the segment,continued to expand.

January 20,2009

6. The purpose of this writing is …

A. To inform what restaurant is
B. To describe the fact of life
C. To entertain the visitors
D. To remind the visitor
7. ” The fine-dining segment saw the sharpest decline in units ” The underlined word means …
A. Redrees
B. Modify
C. Reduce
D. Misuse
8. What can you learn from the text ?
A. Money can solve our difficulity.
B. Standing on own feet is important.
C. Looking  for a good restaurant is not easy.
D. It teaches us to be careful to run the restaurant.
9. What is the main idea of second paragraph ?
A. NPD reports growth in restaurant units.
B. NPD’s research continues to expand.
C. NPD reports no growth in restaurant units.
D. NPD shows restaurant industry unit 2 – percent growth in 2007.

10. When was a census of commercial restaurant in the USA conducted ?

A. In the  spring and summer.
B. In the spring and fall.
C. In the summer and fall.
D. In the  summer and winter.

Read the text and answer questions 11 to 12

To        : anti_indry@yahoo.co.id

Dear Anti

Thank you very much for your last email. Its reaaly good news. That’s cool,girl !

Who dares to say no for spending few days in Puncak Pass it. I’d really appreciate for

The invitation.

This would be a very lovely day for us to do so. We haven’t had fun for a long

Time . I’ll go with you ! please pick me at 08 a.m. this Saturday.

Thank for your kindness anyway.



11.  ” This would be a very lovely day for …”

What does the word underlined means ?

A. Dangerous

B. Important
C. Terrible
D. Pleasant

12.  Anti and Nana will go to puncak pass …

A. In the mrning

B. In the afternoon
C. In the evening
D. In the night

Read the text and answer questions 13 to 14

Direction : shake well. Take 1 fl.oz.first thing in the morning.

Take up to 2 more servings during the day. Refrigerate after opening.

Supplement facts

Serving size                                 : 1 fl oz (2 tbsp)

Serving per Container            : 16

Amount per serving              :                                                  %DV*

Calories                                      :                                                       20

Total carbohydrate                                  5 g                                 2%

Sugar                                                              5 g

Vitamin A (as beta carotene)              5000 IU                 100%

Vitamin C ( as ascorbic acid)                 135 mg                  230%

Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)             400 IU                   100%

Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl

Acetate)                                                      60 IU                     200%

Thiamin (vitamin B1)                                0,5 mg                   35%

Ribolflavin (vitamin B2)                          0,5 mg                   30%

Folate(as folic acid)                                 400 mg                  100%

Biotin (as d-Biotin)                                   300 mg                  100%

Pantotheinic Acid (vitamin B5)             25 mg                    25%

Inositol                                                          25 mg                    **

Para Aminobenzoic Acid                        25 mg                    **

Ruffin                                                                 0 mg                      **

Best before                                                  : 31 03 2010

13.  What is the label above taken from ?

A. Food

B. Drink
C. Supplement
D. Medicine

14.  ”refrigerate after opening ”. The word underlined means to make the drink…

A. Cold in order to keep it fresh.

B. Hot in order to keep it dry.
C. Warm in order to keep it faded.
D. Frozen in order to keep it melted.

Read the text and answer questions 15 to 18

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH, he was born  February,5th 1985),[2] commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger or a forward for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and serves as captain of the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo is the most expensive player in football history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer deal worth £80 million (94m, US$132m). In addition, his contract with Real Madrid, in which he is to be paid £11 million per year over the following six years, makes him the highest-paid football player in the world.[3] Ronaldo holds the distinction of being the first player to win the FIFA Puskás Award, an honour handed by FIFA to the best goal of the year. He scored that goal from 40 yards out against FC Porto in a UEFA Champions League quarter-final match, while still playing for Manchester United.[4]

Ronaldo began his career as a youth player for Andorinha, where he played for two years, then moved to Nacional. In 1997, he made a move to Portuguese giants Sporting Clube de Portugal. Ronaldo’s precocious talent caught the attention of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, and he signed the 18-year-old for £12.24 million in 2003. The following season, Ronaldo won his first club honour, the FA Cup, and reached the Euro 2004 final with Portugal, in which tournament he scored his first international goal.

In 2008, Ronaldo won the Champions League with United, and was named player of the tournament. He was named the FIFPro World Player of the Year[5] and the FIFA World Player of the Year, in addition to becoming Manchester United’s first Ballon d’Or winner in 40 years.[6] Three-time Ballon d’Or winner Johan Cruyff said in an interview on 2 April 2008, “Ronaldo is better than George Best and Denis Law, who were two brilliant and great players in the history of United.

15.   The text  tells us abaout Cristion Ronaldo’s …

A. life

B. career
C. family
D. success

16.  When did Cristian Ronaldo play for the Mancester United ?

A. 2008

B. 2007
C. 2004
D. 2003

17.  What ‘s the main idea of paragrapg two ?

A. The first career of Ronaldo.

B. Ronaldo moved to national.
C. Ronaldo’s precocious talented footballer.
D. Ronaldo won the Champions League with United.

18.  “ He signed the 18-year-old for £12.24 million in 2003 “

What does the word “ he “ refer to …

A. Alex Ferguson

B. Goerge Best
C. Ronaldo
D. Denis Law

Read the text and answer questions 19 to 21

The National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional (Monas)) is a 433 ft (132 meter) tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia‘s independence. Construction began in 1961 under the direction of President Sukarno and the monument was opened to the public in 1975. It is topped by a flame covered with gold foil. The monument and the museum is open daily from 08.00 – 15.00 Western Indonesia Time, everyday throughout the week, except for the last Monday of each month, when the monument is closed.

After the Indonesian government returned to Jakarta from Yogyakarta in 1950 following the Dutch recognition of Indonesian independence, President Sukarno began to contemplate the construction of a national monument comparable to the Eiffel Tower on the square in front of the Presidential Palace. On 17 August 1954, a National Monument Committee was established and a design competition was held in 1955. This attracted 51 entries, but only one design, by Frederich Silaban, met any of the criteria determined by the committee, which included reflecting the character of Indonesia in a building capable of lasting for centuries. A repeat competition was held in 1960, but once again, none of the 136 entries met the criteria.

The chairman of the jury team then asked Silaban to show his design to Sukarno. However, Sukarno did not like the design as he wanted the monument to be in the form of a linga and yoni. Silaban was asked to design such a monument, but his design was for a monument so large that it would have been unaffordable given the economic conditions at the time. Silaban refused to design a smaller monument, suggesting that construction be delayed until the Indonesian economy improved. Sukarno then asked the architect R.M. Soedarsono to continue with the design. Soedarsono incorporated the numbers 17, 8 and 45, representing the 17 August 1945 Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, in the dimensions of the monument.

19.  What is the text about ?

A. Eiffel Tower

B. Construction of a national monument
C. National Monument

20.  When did President Sukarno began to contemplate the construction of a national monument ?

A. In 1945

B. In 1950
C. In 1955
D. In 1961

21.  “ It would have been unaffordable given the economic conditions at   the   time”

What does the word “ it “ refer to …

A. Monument

B. Design
C. Building

Read the text and answer questions 22

Dear Anne,

Mom and your sister are out for shopping and lunch. We’ ll be back at dinner. I’ve left your

Lunch in the refrigerator. You only need to warm it up in the microwave.



22.  The text is written in order to …

A. Tell Anne where her mother and her sister are going.

B. Ask Anne to leave her lunch in refrigerator.
C. Remind Anne to warm her lunch.
D. Inform Anne what she has do.

Read the text and answer questions 23 to 24

23.  What does the text above offer ?

A. Life.com

B. Vibisnews.com
C. Visit Indonesia 2010
D. Shop our store

24.  What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To persuade the reader to visit Inonesia.

B. To give information about visit Indonesia 2010.
C. To inform the reader about something.
D. To entertain the reader.

Read the text and answer questions 25 to 28

The Magic Candle

One day, a young wanderer got lost in a wood. Suddenly he saw a light from an old hut and found and old woman who was crying. She said that the devil had stolen her magic candle. The candle could grant anything she asked.

The wanderer went to the castle. There he found the devil, but he was old and weak. Therefore the wanderer grabbed the magic candle from the devil’s table and ran away.

But the wanderer was not a kind man. He didn’t return the candle to the old woman, but kept it for himself. He lit the candle and made a wish, “ I want to go far away from here.” Suddenly the genies appeared and took him to a beautiful palace. He met a beautiful princess there and fell in love with her. They got married the next day. In his happiness, the wanderer told the princess about his adventure and the magic candle. Hearing that, the princess got angry.  At night she lit the candle and wished that the wanderer disappear.

In the morning the wanderer awoke and found himself back in his ugly house in the village.

25.  Who stole the magic candle from the old woman?

A. The wanderer.

B. The genies.
C. The princess.
D. The devil.

26.  What happened at the castle?

A. The devil kept the magic candle carefully.

B. The wanderer took the magic candle from the devil.
C. The devil helped the wanderer to find the magic candle.
D. The wanderer borrowed the magic candle from the devil.

27.  The princess was angry with the wanderer because …

A.     the wanderer fell in love with her

B.     the wanderer prohibited her to stay in the palace

C.     she finally knew the wanderer’s bad attitude

D.    she wanted to visit the old woman at the old hut

28.  What moral value can we get from the story above?

A. It is about love and sacrifice.

B. It teaches us to ignore others’ problem.
C. It reminds us that the wealth is everything.
D. It reminds us that the greed can not bring the happiness.

Read the text and answer questions 29 to 31

Long time ago there lived  a poor good-looking young man In west Sumatra. His named   was Pungguk. He fell I love with Princess Purnama Bulan,although they were in love with each other,Purnama Bulan already had a fiancé.

One day, purnama Bulan gave Pungguk a veil. When Pungguk walked along the country road ,Purnama Bulan’s fience noticed the veil, and thought that Pungguk stole it. With  his sword,he killed Pungguk. Surprisingly,from Pungguk’s dead body grew some mushroom, it changed into living creatures,birds.

Those birds were killed Pungguk. They used to sit on the highest branch of a tree looking at the full moon. The birds called “ Pungguk ! Pungguk !”

29.  What lesson can you get from the story ?

A. We have to realistic with our wish.

B. We have to work hard to get succes.
C. We should tolerate to other people.
D. We must love each other.

30.  How many characters does the story have ?

A. Six

B. Five
C. Four
D. Three

31.  What does the story tell us about ?

A. Beautiful princess who loved a prince.

B. A young man with his wife.
C. A poor young man who loved higher ranker woman.
D. A bad guy with a good guy.

Read the text and answer questions 32 to 33


All students and teachers of school are requested to come and join the flag ceremony for celebrating our  independentce day. It will be held on ougust 17th,at 7 a.m. in the school yard. There will also be a school festival opened by our school principal right after the flag ceremony

Don’t miss it !

Full of door prizes !

Chair person

32.  The festival is mainly for ?

A. Public

B. Students
C. Teachers
D. Principal

33.  Who wrote the announcement ?

A. Chair person

B. School pricipal
C. All students
D. Teachers

Read the text and answer questions 34 to 37

Flowers are often given to someone as sign of love, to say thank you to someone or ot to say sorry.flowers are also put on the grave of someone who has died, and are given to people in hospital to make them feel better.

Tulip is one kind of flower that grows from a bulb and has large colorful cup – shaped flowers on top of tall stems in the spring.

Triumph tulip are known for their beauty and elegance and the white dream is true to the Triumph breed. Its delicate white bloom will add o touch of innocence and purity to your garden. Making it an unprecedented flower of the spring blooming season. Use it in a moonlit garden and reap its full benefits ! Bloom Mid Spring. Perennial in Zone 3 – 8. Tulip a bulb size 12/+cm.This flower grows well and blooms at Mid Spring in Holland. It is really beautiful flower.

34.  What is the text about ?

A. The beauty and elegan flower

B. The flower is used to say something to someone
C. The benefit of tulip
D. The flower can grow in the spring

35.  What does the triumph tulips look like ?

A. It look like a touch of innocence.

B. The flowers are known for their beauty and elegance.
C. The flower blooms at spring.
D. The flower grow well and bloom at spring

36.  The third paragraph tells us that …

A. The flower grows and bloom well.

B. The flower grows and blooms at spring in Holand.
C. The flower blooms at spring.
D. The flower grows well.

37.  The best tittle of the text is …

A. Flower

B. Bulb
C. Tulip
D. Stem

Read the text and answer questions 38 to 41

Carrer in

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Learn professional hospitality at our training institute.

6 – 12 month certificate program.

Classes days,nights,or weekends.

Job placement assistant upon completion

Classes begin on April the 1st. Call the school for futher information.

38.  What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To visit hotel and restaurant.

B. To invite someone who wants to study.
C. To work in hotel and restaurant.
D. To get new job.

39.  When will the school help you get job ?

A. When you enroll.

B. While you are  studing.
C. For a year after gradution.
D. When you have finished the course.

40.  “ Classes begin on April the 1st “

What does the word “ begin “ refer to …

A. Apply

B. Finish
C. Start
D. Enter

41.  How long will you have to study at this school ?

A. Everyday

B. 6 – 12 days
C. 6 – 12 weeks
D. 6 – 12 months

Read the text and answer questions 42 to 43

Crisp Roast Duck

Ingredients :

1 long island duck

2 cups boiling-hot water

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

Steps :

Put oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 200®C.

Rince duck inside and out. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork.

Pour boiling-hot water over duck ( to tighten skin ).cool duck.

Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper.

Roast duck,breast side up,until skin is brown and crisp, then remove from the oven.

42.  What is the writer’s purpose to write the text ?

A. To tell how to make crisp roast duck.

B. To share his experience  making some foods.
C. To give instructions to prepare crisp roast duck.
D. To show how to make a delicious food.

43.  What do we need to prick the skin of the duck ?

A. Salt.

B. Black paper.
C. A sharp fork.
D. Boiling-hot water.

Read the text and answer questions 44 to 45

All of the students Grade 9

You are invited to :



Day/date             : Saturday .the twentieth of June two thousand and ten.

Time                      : 10.a.m – 01.p.m.

Venue                  : Ball Room Alexander Hotel.

Jl. S.Parman kav.9 – 11 Surabaya

Come and help us celebrate it.

Ö  invitation cards are available at OSIS room

44.  Where will the graduation party be held ?

A. At Insane Cendikia School.

B. At Ball Room Alexander Hotel.
C. At football field
D. At Osis room

45.  How long is the graduation party carried out ?

A. 6 hours

B. 5 hours
C. 4 hours
D. 3 hours

Read the text and answer questions 46 to 48

Two students were discussing the school’s new rules that the students must wear a cap and tie. One of them that wearing a cap and a tie was only suitable for a flag rising …(46) on the contrary the second student was glad with it. Because wearing cap and tie would make the students look great and like real educated person. The first student gave the reason that they would feel …(47) and hot, the classroom were not air conditioned. The second one side it wasn’t a big problem. He was sure the students would wear …(48). They would surely be used to it anyway.


A. Ceremony

B. Community

C. Activity

D. party


A. unbelievable

B. uncomfortable

C. unlucky

D. unidentified


A. Sadly

B. Happily

C. Proudly

D. Reluctantly

49.  enter – private – do – this – not – room

1                2          3            4        5            6

A. 3 – 5 – 1 –  4 – 2 – 6

B. 3 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 5 –  2

C. 3 – 1 – 6 – 4 – 5 – 2

D. 3 – 6 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 2


1. We stayed at Della’s house in Yogyakarta.

2.  On Sunday mom and I went shopping with Della.

3.  It has big garden with lots of colorful flowers and tennis court.

4.  We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats.

5.  On Sunday,we went to Yogyakarta.

A. 5 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 4

B. 5 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 4
C. 5 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 4
D. 5 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

$$$$$   GOOD LUCK   $$$$$


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